I’ve considered it before and I am opting to it now because I’m seeing the real side of Uniswap tokens. Some real people in this space and very real benefits to holding, farming, flipping certain tokens. This fund will only deal with projects trusted by my circle and risk management will always take place just in case (We all remember CBDAO and others who rugged after months).

There will be some key differences in the mechanics too. As usual there will be a final swap back for when the fund comes to an end. However, it is not going to be a time-based deadline like the first 2 iterations; it will be a value-based finish line. The fund fully ends when it does 10x (a full 455 ETH raise means the goal is set to 4,500 ETH). That can be 4 weeks or it can be 4 months, who knows. Given that both the defi market and the overall cryptocurrencies markets are both booming, we may get some great plays in the next few weeks and/or months.

The raise will be 455 ETH. 380 (less 4.5 because of presale platform’s fees) will be marked for trading capital, with the goal of 4,500 ETH to end the fund and redistribute all ETH to holders of the token. 75 ETH will be for Uniswap liquidity. The 75 ETH in liquidity will be used for all the various fees on the swap back, etc. and the remainder will also be sent out to token holders. If hardcap is not reached, then the same ratio will be used but the tokens will be burned instead.

Liquidity will be locked for 6 months. This is the failsafe time period. People have expressed they did not want to hold for too long so in 6 months, if the project has not hit completion, whatever is in the fund will be distributed to holders for a final swap.

Presale price: 1 EGG = 1.3 ETH
Listing price: 1 EGG = 1.875 ETH

Total supply: 390 EGG
Presale supply: 350 EGG
Liquidity supply: 40 EGG