Getting ready to begin!

Now that we’ve actually begun the telegram airdrop campaign, it’s time to release more information about the project and its future.

First off, I do want to clear some things up, that’s been asked frequently. The timeline is as follows:
-Round 1 sale opens = October 4, 2020 8PM (GMT+8)
-Token address released
-Round 2 sale opens = TBA (if round 1 finishes early, round 2 will open immediately)
*Both Rounds will be held on so users will receive tokens immediately.
-Airdrop rewards sent
-Uniswap Liquidity added
-Liquidity Locked and proof posted
-if any unsold tokens, they will be sent to burn address and proof posted
-Trading will begin, funds sent to Binance trading account (proof of deposit will also be posted)

Throughout the steps, the admins will make the appropriate announcements on the telegram group to keep investors in the loop. These days, panic sets in very easily because of all the rug pulls happening. So absolutely as much as possible, we will update everyone what we are currently doing.

Regarding the airdrop, you do not need to do anything after joining but the whole community unlocks a higher airdrop amount by reaching milestones such as selling out the sale rounds, or adding members to the telegram group. Since the airdrop rewards are distributed to everyone equally, it is most ideal to invite presale buyers rather than just airdrop claimers, to increase the airdrop pool while minimizing the number of people sharing the pool. Do make sure you stay in the group until the airdrop is done as we will filter out users and addresses who are not in the group before the airdrop is performed!

Finally, I do want to reiterate that after Uniswap listing happens, people jumping in will further increase the price. In the event of a selloff (like the airdrop receivers or just people jumping on the 20% profit), this will benefit the project because the next buyback will be able to burn more tokens because of the cheaper price. Every dump will have this same effect. Every pump on the other hand, incentivizes holders to take a bit more profit as they know the next buyback (unless the trade goes exceedingly well and we get a big sum for buyback) will have less power. This should create a balance.

Total Supply = 100,000,000 PHX
Max Supply = 100,000,000 PHX
Round 1 Price = 0.00003000 ETH/PHX (~$0.01)
Round 2 Price = 0.00003300 ETH/PHX (~$0.011)
Uniswap Listing Price = 0.00003600 ETH/PHX (~$0.012)

Key facts:
-No team tokens
-Only amount for marketing is airdrop allocation
-All buybacks will burn token supply
-Project owner and admins all have to buy their tokens alongside users in the bounce sale rounds
-Every trade, buyback, and burn will be posted in the channel

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